Keynote Address:  Julie Merrick, Credentialed Teacher, Mindful Schools Curriculum trained and Mental Game Coach

Mindful at Any Age -- Try meditation, not medication

Attendees learned about secular mindfulness and the latest research on why it's important at any age. Mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, emotional balance, peace, calm and overall well-being.

Julie showed us how we can incorporate simple mindfulness practices into our daily lives.

Julie Merrick teaches mindfulness in Southern California schools and to adults of all ages through local community classes. 

   Additional Sessions from 2017 Senior Retreat Day:

      "Living to 100 with            Health & Vitality"

Laura Dankof, Nurse Practitioner

Discover the common characteristics of centenarians living in Blue Zones. Learn the steps you can take to improve your odds of living to 100!

"Non-Surgical Treatment for Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Back Pain"

Dr. Josh Goodwin, M.D., FAAPMR

Anthony Vasquez, Executive Vice President

Learn how the most advanced non-surgical procedures can help your body's ability to treat arthritis, heal orthopedic injuries and repair damage in joints such as knees, shoulders, hips and spine.

"Healthy Clean Eating for One or Two"

Katie Lashier, Registered Dietitian, Hy-Vee

Is cooking for one or two people challenging your creativity? Learn how to eat healthy, save money and calories and avoid hitting the drive through! Tips to plan delicious, healthy meals.

Special Guest Appearance Ed Podolak

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer and Iowa Hawkeye Legend will sign autographs in the Exhibit Hall at 1:15 p.m.

 "Keep Your Brain Young with Light Therapy"

Diana Connolly, CLT, CPT, RMT

Explore the benefits of Light Therapy for brain health, as shown by recent studies.

"Keeping Your Wits      About You"

Paula Pierce, Senior Helpers

Stay on top of your game as you age. Tips on how to keep your brain sharp!

"Sound & Energy Healing"

Margaret Taylor, Reiki Master

Sound waves and energy - what they are and how they are able to create healing in our bodies.

"Chair Yoga and Other Fun Ways to Exercise"

Nicki Greenfield, Group Fitness Director, Aspen Athletic Clubs

Learn how to stay active regardless of mobility. Try some simple, effective yoga poses that can be done from a sitting position.

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