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Take the first step to be prepared for life's twists and turns

Seniors on the Move helps seniors and their families plan for lifestyle changes. We work as your personal advocates, connecting you to high quality, affordable services tailored to accomplish your goals. 

Whether you're downsizing, needing some financial or legal advice, or looking for some additional help for a loved one, Seniors on the Move will build the roadmap you need to glide through the lifestyle changes that lie ahead.

How it Works -- Your Personalized Lifestyle Plan

It all starts here. With our core membership benefit - the Seniors on the Move Lifestyle Plan.

1.  Join Seniors on the Move

Join our community by clicking the Join Now tab -- or call us at 515-225-1455 to activate your membership over the phone. Your annual membership covers an individual or couple - for the same affordable fee.

2.  Set your initial planning session 

Call and set your appointment anytime for an initial consultation with one of our Lifestyle Planners. In this first meeting, which can be done in person or by phone, you will use our Lifestyle Worksheet as a foundation to talk through your current or anticipated lifestyle changes.

3.  Review your final Lifestyle Plan

Your plan can be ready in a week to 10 days and will outline step-by-step modual solutions that you can follow as needed. 

Your Lifestyle Planner will match your needs with referrals to the best qualified Seniors on the Move Affiliate Partners -- all pre-screened to ensure high quality products and services, along with special preferred pricing for our Members!

Now You can Relax... Follow the plan when you're ready. Whether you need to execute it right away or keep for future use, you can be confident that your vision and preferences for the future are documented and ready to implement.

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